Please, Don’t Call On Me

Please, Don't Call On Me

The fear of public speaking is frequently cited as one of the most common fears that people face. With college students, this is certainly true. Many students admit that being called on to answer a question in class is one of the most anxiety producing experiences, yet many haven’t yet found the best way to overcome this fear.

Please, Don’t Call On Me was written to provide the solution to this problem. It serves as a manual for proficiency in communication – both public speaking and interpersonal interacting.

Each chapter arms students with the tools they need to answer and ask questions in class. It gives detailed recommendations for giving a speech or presentation. It gives students a template for starting a conversation with strangers and acing interviews. Additionally, it provides practical action steps and summaries for each chapter.

However, Please, Don’t Call On Me isn’t just a guide for learning communication; it’s also a book dedicated to destroying the fear of public speaking and interpersonal communication. Through real world examples, critical reasoning, and a bit of motivation, this book takes students to the next level!

Frequently today, those who are the most skilled in the field and art of communication are those who find the most opportunities in life. Learning how to become capable and confident as a communicator is invaluable for any student wishing to advance professionally and personally, and Please, Don’t Call On Me is the best place to start!

Overcome Your Fear